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8 min read

Ultimate Guide to Employee Laptop Return Service

November 30, 2023
An employee laptop with box, ready for return

Remote work has become a staple in today’s business landscape, bringing with it a unique set of challenges, one of the most critical being the management of company property used by employees such as laptops, monitors, and mobile devices. 

As a seasoned information technology services company, Unduit understands the complexities of managing office equipment for companies with remote employees. Our extensive experience, especially in the critical offboarding phase, positions us uniquely to guide you through the intricacies of employee laptop return service.

Efficiently handling office equipment is paramount across all phases, from onboarding to offboarding. During offboarding, the challenge intensifies. Proper management not only safeguards against financial impacts but also mitigates security risks linked to company data.

Why Employee Laptop Return Service Matters

The traditional method of managing office equipment when an employee departs involves a labyrinth of tasks – finding the right laptop box, securing a shipping label, and coordinating with the departing employee. It’s a time-consuming and resource-draining process. The laptop retrieval service aims to simplify this process, offering a streamlined solution for employers with remote employees, resulting in huge savings. This is why opting for an equipment retrieval service should be a no-brainer.

14 Important Considerations Before Choosing a Service Provider

Navigating the realm of employee equipment retrieval services demands a discerning eye. Choosing the right provider extends beyond mere device retrieval; it involves adopting a seamless, sustainable, and comprehensive process that aligns with your entire remote device lifecycle management strategy. Now, let’s delve into the essential features you should consider when getting your company laptop or any device back from a remote employee.


1. Fully Sustainable Process: Commitment to sustainability, including carbon offsets and eco-friendly practices, reduces environmental impact and aligns with corporate responsibility.

2. Proper Tracking and Prepaid Shipping Labels: A robust tracking system and hassle-free shipping labels are provided, streamlining logistics and providing transparency for both employer and employee.

3. Fast Logistics: Swift processing and transit times minimize downtime, contributing to a timely return process.

4. Coordination with Employees: A comprehensive communication strategy (text, emails, calls) for device retrieval ensures a smooth process and keeps employees informed.

5. Software Platform Dashboard: An accessible dashboard for monitoring the entire process enhances visibility and control for employers.

6. Competitive and Transparent Pricing: All-inclusive pricing with a transparent breakdown ensures cost-effectiveness and clarity for budgeting.

7. Full Chain of Custody: Ensures accountability and security at every stage, mitigating risks and maintaining control over assets and personal data.


8. Versatile Device Support: Capable of seamlessly managing a broad spectrum of equipment- ranging from laptops and mobile devices to monitors, workstations, and even furniture- thus meeting the diverse needs of your organization.

9. Full Support Throughout the Process: Comprehensive support for both the company and remote worker builds trust and reduces the burden on internal resources.

10. International Shipping Capability: Ability to ship internationally, not limited to the United States, supports global organizations with diverse locations.

11. API and Integrations: Seamless integration with IT, HR, and ticketing software streamlines processes and enhances overall efficiency.

12. Storage or Warehousing: A secure storage option for assets enables flexibility and strategic asset management.

13. Asset Disposal Options: Beyond recovery, includes recycling, reselling, or value recovery, maximizing asset lifecycle and potential returns.

14. Beyond Recovery Services: Offers additional services like redeployment, repairs, refurbishing, upgrades, etc., maximizing the value of the service provider and extending the usefulness of assets.

Beyond reducing remote work expenses, these comprehensive options empower your human resources by freeing up valuable time spent solely on equipment return. A dedicated help desk might become redundant when your service provider seamlessly oversees everything from start to finish.

Industry Pricing Insights

  • Standard pricing in the market varies from $80 to $250
  • Additional boxes, especially for items like monitors, can impact costs
  • International shipping, notably to Canada, the UK, and the EU, incur additional charges
  • Prices within the US typically fall in the range of $75 to $150
  • Some providers introduce an extra fee structure for enterprise accounts
  • Monthly subscription models often offer added value, encompassing features like bulk uploads and APIs
  • Pricing is primarily influenced by factors such as the location of the remote worker, the number of boxes, the insurance value of company equipment, and the preferred logistics partner

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get equipment back from a terminated employee who’s unresponsive?

To ensure a smooth retrieval process, communicate the importance of returning company equipment before initiating offboarding. Make the process easy for employees by introducing a dedicated service. In cases of unresponsiveness, seeking legal advice is recommended.

Why is it so difficult to get equipment back from terminated employees in a remote work setting?

Retrieving equipment from remote workers poses challenges. Traditional IT structures are geared toward sending, not receiving, equipment. Remote work introduces logistics complexities, from gaps in asset tracking to delays in retrieval kit dispatch. Issues like mistaken addresses, lost or stolen kits, and delays in packing contribute to friction. Additionally, return shipment problems and storage issues further complicate the process. Even when returned promptly, handling accessories, repairs, cleaning, grading, inventory tracking, and re-deployment present potential hurdles.

What can I do if the recovered laptop’s condition is not satisfactory? Can I seek reimbursement?

If the laptop’s condition is subpar due to use, inquire about reimbursement options. Some providers offer repurposing or refurbishing services for computer equipment. It’s essential to note that not all service providers may extend these services.

If a laptop needs to be retrieved for repairs, can a loaner laptop be shipped out in the meantime?

Yes, some sophisticated companies offer loaner laptops when a device needs retrieval for repair purposes. However, it’s crucial to recognize that not all recovery-focused companies provide this service.

Can I withhold employee wages if they fail to return the equipment?

The ability to withhold wages depends on the terms outlined in your employment contract. If this condition was communicated at the time of joining, it might be enforceable. However, seeking legal advice is recommended if this issue becomes contentious.

We trust these insights have been valuable in navigating the complexities of employee laptop return services. As the landscape evolves, so will this resource, providing you with the latest industry updates. 

If you’re seeking a partner to seamlessly handle every aspect mentioned – from comprehensive service options and competitive pricing tailored to your volume to a mature software platform – Unduit is your solution. Our in-house processing, US-based operations, and personalized demos ensure a tailored experience for every customer. So whether you’re looking to retrieve a mobile device or a large laptop, we’ve got you covered.

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Ultimate Guide to Employee Laptop Return Service

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