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The top choice for automation of IT assets management.

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The top choice for automation of IT assets management.


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Discover success with our products and services.

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Discover success with our products and services.


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Reach our dedicated team for support and partnerships.


The top choice for automation of IT assets management.

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The only flexible solution for all your corporation’s device lifecycle needs


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Reach our dedicated team for support and partnerships.

Effortlessly Supply, Manage & Maintain Global Device Fleet

We empower HR, IT, and People Operations teams in large global enterprises to meet employee device requirements swiftly. Our comprehensive solution help procure, send, recover, repair, store, renew, dispose of, or sell devices globally in over 100 countries

Empower IT
Solutions for Every Use, Role, and Industry

From IT professionals seeking seamless management to HR specialists overseeing global remote teams, Unduit offers tailored solutions. Regardless of your industry, we’re dedicated to enhancing ROI, productivity, and IT efficiency. Our expertise spans telecom providers, educational institutions, and beyond, ensuring a customized approach for all.

Remote Employee Device Management

Simplify onboarding, offboarding, device shipping, recovery, software installation, and more with Unduit’s seamless remote device management solutions.

IT Cost Optimization

Maximize device value and life with Unduit for improved TCO

Compliance Control

Ensure compliance and visibility with Unduit’s secure asset tracking

Information Technology

Streamline your IT operations for enhanced security and efficiency with Unduit’s comprehensive solutions. Whether it’s device management, compliance, or cost optimization, we’ve got you covered.

Human Resource

Empower your HR team to enhance employee experience & productivity.

Cyber Security

Strengthen your security posture with Unduit’s advanced chain of custody tracking.


Flexible repair logistics directly to/from personnel or centralized across multiple facilities,all while maintaining HIPAA compliance with documented chai of custody.


Cost effective repairs with quick logistics to a centralized source, individual facility.


Documented chain of custody and data destruction where required with fast turn around to Device Management Team or direct to end users nationwide.

Our Services

A solution that shape shifts for you

Streamline the acquisition and provisioning of IT equipment, ensuring your organization has the right technology when and where it’s needed.

What we offer:

Proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, and expert management to ensure your IT assets are always performing at their peak, minimizing downtime and security risks.

What we offer:

Secure and environmentally responsible disposal of retired assets, along with options for remarketing, ensuring you extract maximum value from your retired IT equipment.

What we offer:

Safe and controlled storage options coupled with efficient logistics services, providing a seamless experience for your IT assets throughout their lifecycle.

What we offer:

Augment your IT team with skilled professionals or get reliable remote support to meet your specific business needs, ensuring you have the right level of expertise at all times.

What we offer:

Apps on the platform 60+

Streamlined solutions tailored to diverse corporate device lifecycle needs, with a suite of 60+ specialized apps for every use case.

Shorten your refresh cycles by

Shorten your cycle by streamlining both recovery and deployment for efficient device refreshes

Increase asset recovery by

Boost your organization’s device recovery rate through automation, reminders & tracking

Boost your IT ROI by at least

Unlock maximum IT asset value, drive profitability, and refine financial management. Our solution sharpens focus for unparalleled ROI gains.

Growing everyday with globally distributed teams

Enhance security, ROI, and performance for your corporate IT assets, supporting both on-site and remote teams distributed worldwide.

One platform for your global team

Equip remote and on-site employees with the latest tech worldwide using one platform.

Designed to automate processes

Step away from the usual

Experience the future with Unduit – we crush the competition by offering what’s uncommon in the market

How it usually happens

High touch

Requires full involvement from your HR & IT teams

No visibility

Inability to track devices, ownership and status

Long delays

Having multiple moving parts & stakeholders slows down process

How Unduit does it