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The top choice for automation of IT assets management.


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The top choice for automation of IT assets management.

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Global IT Asset Buyback Program

Platform-centric IT asset buyback solution to optimize value recovery from used corporate-owned devices

Turn Your Surplus and Used IT Assets into Smart Investments

Unlock high returns with our IT Asset Buyback program. Optimize costs, streamline processes, and ensure compliance while gaining flexibility and scalability. Consolidate your IT Asset Disposition needs and turn surplus assets into smart investments.


Complete Device Buyback Flexibility

Sell your used or surplus devices with complete flexibility through Unduit’s Global Buyback Program. Our platform offers centralized and decentralized interoperability that allows you to purchase or lease devices in bulk from a variety of sources, including device manufacturers, mobile carriers, and refurbished device vendors.

  • Buyback interoperability from multiple sources
  • Buyback of bulk devices with ease
  • Everything you need for buyback on one unified platform


Future-Proof Your Buyback Procedures with Unduit

Unduit’s Global Buyback Program is designed to scale with your enterprise needs, no matter where you operate. With our expertise, you can future-proof your buyback procedures and optimize your total cost of ownership.

  • Enjoy flexible and scalable buyback options for a wide range of devices
  • Gain access to our platform’s network of global partners
  • Save time and money by automating your buyback procedures with Unduit’s software platform


Streamline Your Buyback Procedures with Automation

Unduit’s Global Buyback Program is designed to automate and speed up the buyback process for IT managers, sourcing, procurement, finance, and operations teams. With our touchless automation and platform, you can simplify the entire buyback process, reduce errors and cut down on turnaround times.

  • Place orders and get quotes instantly through our user-friendly platform
  • Simplify your buyback procedures with our touchless automationBoost productivity and cut costs with Unduit’s platform
  • Boost productivity and cut costs with Unduit’s platform


Make Informed Decisions with Real-Time Insights

Unduit’s Global Buyback Program provides real-time insights and detailed analytics into your buyback operations. Gain the visibility you need to make informed decisions and optimize your buyback procedures with data-driven insights.

  • Our platform offers real-time visibility into your buyback operations
  • Get detailed analytics and reports to help you make informed decisions
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and optimize your total cost of ownership with Unduit’s insights


Data Erasure Made Simple with Unduit

With Unduit’s Global Buyback Program, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure. Our compliant data erasure and green recycling initiatives ensure your devices are ethically recycled and your data is erased securely.

  • Total adherence with R2 recycling, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS regulations
  • Detailed erasure records and chain of custody details available
  • Minimize your environmental footprint with our green recycling initiatives

High Returns

Get the Best Possible Return on Your Surplus Devices

Unduit’s Buyback Program provides unbeatable value for your used devices, unlocking maximum return on your investment. Instead of worrying about dealing with multiple vendors to determine the fair market value, get competitive and customized prices for your devices instantly through our platform.

  • Customized pricing based on device type and condition
  • Get competitive quotes instantly
  • Maximize your returns on investment

Optimize Value Recovery

Maximum Value and Efficiency

Unduit helps complex enterprises extract value from used devices with increased efficiency and ease, through our scalable platform.

Our global buyback program reduces burden on corporate IT resources, so they may focus on infrastructure, research & development rather than manually keeping tabs on each device.

Simplify & Automate

Touchless Automation

A turnkey solution designed for complex enterprises to build, manage and hyper scale asset buyback globally and within days! Notable features include:

Device Refresh

Designed to Make Upgrades Easy

While our Buyback Program can be used effectively as a standalone service, organizations also use it as part of their refresh process.

Our platform makes scaling your buyback programs into refresh programs simpler through interoperable apps for differing use cases.

One Price Per Device

Take it to the Next Level with Device as a Service

Forget about the hassle of device procurement through to disposal, with Unduit’s Device as a Service offering. Features include:

fully integrated

The Unduit Platform now comes with complete servicenow integration

Business Impact of Buyback Program

The Unduit platform is built for different use cases, tailored to your organizational needs

Maximize ROI

Maximize your returns on investment through our Buyback Program to reinvest in new technology initiatives.

Asset Management

Simplify your asset management process by getting a clear chain of custody and instant value for your used devices.

Improved Sustainability

Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint through Unduit’s built-in green disposal and recycling.

Budget Flexibility

Free up resources whilst increasing returns on investments to get the most out of your buck.

Secure Data Disposal

Unduit mandates complete data erasure, to protect your devices and sensitive corporate data against breaches.

Interested in boosting your IT ROI and Security?

Join over 200 enterprises already using Unduit

Interested in boosting your IT ROI and Security?​

Join over 200+ enterprises already using Unduit