What are the common challenges of IT asset lifecycle management?

Enterprise Mobility Management


Enterprise Mobility Management addresses the entire lifecycle management of IT assets of an organization in order to maximize value and enhance productivity. However, emergence of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and IoT devices had increased tremendous challenges for IT managers of medium to large enterprises. Here is a list of few common challenges IT managers are facing in order to manage their enterprise IT assets.

Prioritization of Work

Basically, IT asset management team has two jobs, preparing the IT assets for future and to implement IT assets resources to meet present needs of a company, so it becomes challenging for the team to prioritize the work of maintaining IT assets for the day to day operations of the businesses and organization and for the future needs. The reliable IT assets management vendor could help to reduce the pain of work prioritization by simplifying the huge challenges of IT assets management.

IT assets complexity and continual advancements

The continuous evolving nature of IT assets had further increased asset management challenges. The fierce competition among IT manufacturers has given birth to new era of IT assets. No doubt IT assets have become more sophisticated. However, the functional complexity of IT has also evolved tremendously. The servicing and maintenance of such IT assets require more holistic approach contrary to the traditional style of IT asset management. The emergence of mobile device is an absolute example of ever since increasing complexity and technological sophistication of IT assets.

Complying with the changing regulation

Enterprises are facing another challenge of compliance with new rules and regulations for IT assets recycling and disposition. The EPA and other regulatory bodies have created strict policies and guidelines for IT asset recycling and disposition. Therefore, organizations need to comply with regulatory bodies for their e-waste. However, IT assets recycling vendors could help enterprises to manage long arms of regulations.

Effective IT asset lifecycle management program could help enterprises to focus on their core operations. The trusted enterprise mobility management vendor could be a great alternative to overcome IT assets management challenges. They help to reduce the pain and struggle of IT assets management and servicing. 

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