Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Recycle Your Business Electronics

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1.     Better for the environment

This one is obvious, but incredibly important. Recycling electronics keeps them out of landfills and helps to reduce your carbon footprint. E-waste dumps emit literal tons of toxic fumes when they burn their contents, so recycling your business phones, tablets and terminals helps to eliminate that. Did you know that the majority of e-waste in the developed world ends up in 3rd world countries? In fact, the majority of the countries in which these devices are sent to end up being incinerated, leaving irreparable blight on the world. Enterprise mobility management companies make recycling your devices in an environmentally conscious way easy. 

2.       Gives your e-waste a new life

If the ecological impact of discarding your electronic devices isn’t enough for you to begin recycling through an enterprise mobility management company, then perhaps you should consider how incredibly useful your old technology could be to someone else. Post purchase life-cycle management is an important factor to take into consideration when determining what to do with your broken or outdated devices. EMM solutions can give your “junk” a breath of new life for someone else!

3.       Keep your data safe and secure

Believe it or not, a common method that thieves use to steal your personal data or identity is ripping that information directly from e-waste. Cell phones or tablets have a shocking amount of personal and commercial information stored on them. Recycling e-waste is a great way to make sure that sensitive data stays out of the wrong hands. Along with all the other benefits that they provide their clients, enterprise mobility management companies help to keep their clientele secure

4.       Throwing out devices can (in some cases) be illegal

Many of the mobile devices that we use every day are prohibited from being discarded improperly. No matter how destroyed your mobile phone, tablet or terminal is, throwing it in the trash can result in penalties or fines on both the state and even federal level. EMM solutions, in addition to finding use for that mobile device and keeping it out of landfills, helps users avoid hefty fees.

5.       Your old or broken device contains a huge amount of valuable resources

Did you know that many of the devices you use in business have a surprisingly large amount of precious metals? In fact, e-waste dumps have more gold in them than the majority of natural ore deposits! Regardless of the size of your company, whether you own a micro business or run a multibillion dollar corporation, enterprise mobility management companies can help you make sure that you’re not throwing literal money in the garbage.

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