Top 5 Benefits of Post Purchase Lifecycle Management of Devices for Enterprises

Enterprise Mobility Management


  1. Peace of mind: It can be difficult to effectively run a business if you’re worried about the possibility of one of your devices breaking down. Many small and micro businesses rely entirely on mobile devices and if one of those fails, it can bring their entire operation to a grinding halt. This, understandably, creates a lot of stress and anxiety in business owners. A post lifecycle management plan provides the peace of mind that comes with the reassurance that your business will quickly recover from a failed device.
  2. Increased productivity: As a business owner or manager, could you imagine how much productivity would be lost if your primary mobile device went down? It would be an incredible amount. Every minute that you’re devices are broken or disabled represents lost sales, delayed contacts and stalled production. Having a post purchase lifecycle management plan increases productivity dramatically. It not only saves time, but it saves money as well.
  3. Guaranteed Savings: A we mentioned earlier, every minute that you’re without a functioning mobile device for your business is a minute that you and your employees are unable to make sales and generate revenue. Sales are the lifeblood of your business. If you aren’t generating revenue, it doesn’t matter how effective your operations are, that situation is still unsustainable. Downtime for your business devices can cost you thousands. An effective post purchase lifecycle management solution can prevent those losses in a dramatic way.
  4. Quick fix for device damages:  Imagine for a moment two identical companies. They sell the same product or service, occupy similar environments, and have identical clientele. Now imagine that both of their primary mobile devices broke, but only Company A had a comprehensive post purchase lifecycle management system in place. Company A would be back in business almost immediately while Company B would be scrambling to figure out a solution to the issue. Something as simple as a contingency plan for your business mobile device could represent the difference between a healthy company and a struggling company.
  5. Consistent and reliable service delivery:  In its most elemental form, quality is defined as the ability to replicate a process 100 times and have the first process look and function exactly the same as the hundredth. Consistency and reliable results are the cornerstone of any successful business. Post purchase lifecycle management of your business phone, tablets and terminals can help assure quality of service delivery of your organization.


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