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Let’s do our part and save the planet!


Electronic waste or E-waste is the fastest growing and most problematic waste stream in the world currently and not surprisingly with society’s reliance on their cell phone, these devices continue to be the leading contributor to the overall problem.


It’s safe to say in this day and age most of us own a personal smartphone or our employer issues a device to us.  We can make a difference and stop the pollution by recycling our unused smartphones instead of carelessly discarding them.


Thanks to innovative technologies and improved recycling processes up to 80% of materials used in smartphones can be recycled and reused.  When we recycle, we can all play a part in keeping our planet and environment healthy!


  • Environmental Conservation


Smartphones contain hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium.  When these materials are thrown into a traditional trash stream they end up in our landfills.  These toxic materials slowly end up contaminating our soil and water resources.  With proper recycling these materials are reused without polluting the environment.


  • Energy Savings


Just one recycled cell phone saves enough energy to charge a laptop for a week’s worth of use.  A record 150M+ cell phones are thrown away annually, if recycled they could produce enough energy to power over 30,000 homes per year. 


  • Save the resources of our planet


Cell phones are made of valuable materials that are increasingly becoming scarce but can be recovered when recycled.  From 1 million recycled cell phones we can recover 40,000 pounds of copper, 870 pounds of silver and 85 pounds of gold.  This dramatically reduces our reliance on mining the precious resources our planet offers.

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