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04 July 2018 Enterprise Mobility Management

Importance of device lifecycle management solutions for field services providing enterprises

Importance of device lifecycle management solutions for field services providing enterprises

Device lifecycle management (DLM) is an activity or task to take care of employees' wireless devices in any enterprise. The IT managers are responsible for this activity in most of the enterprises. It is part of their daily job to avoid any type of productivity loss because of the poor functionality of the mobile devices at workplace. Mobile devices have reshaped the entire ecosystem of daily operations of field service industry. The efficient and workable solutions of post purchase lifecycle management of devices have become integral part of the overall enterprise mobility management strategy. The device lifecycle management have fundamental importance for any field service providing enterprise, not just to manage mobile workforce productivity but to deliver value to its customer.

Why enterprises need device life-cycle management:

To determine the health of mobile devices  

Device lifecycle management can help you in overseeing, following, anchoring, and supporting every single mobile device of enterprise. The centralized platform for the mobile device lifecycle management helps to enable devices to be provisioned, overseen and working continuously.

Productivity Improvement

The proper functioning of wireless devices is key to better resource utilization, empowering workers to discover more opportunity and focus on core values of the business instead of always concerned about mobile device functionality.

Service Reliability

The post purchase device lifecycle management solution helps to ensure service reliability by regularly taking care of all mobile devices specifically needed for field service delivery. A fully managed loaner device pool as part of overall device lifecycle management solutions provided by Unduit Wireless helps to replace broken mobile device overnight, it helps field workforce to maintain reliable field services. For any field service enterprise, just the deployment of mobile devices for its field workforce is not sufficient instead error free devices are key to their overall business success.

 Recovery, Renewal to Disposition

Recovery, renewal to disposition, all covered under the post purchase lifecycle management of devices. The technologically integrated device lifecycle management platform enables enterprises to remotely care and control the mobile devices of field workforce. An effective solution of post purchase lifecycle management of devices simplifies the complexities of recovery, renewal and disposition for field workforce. 

Working Performance Analysis

Device life-cycle management solutions can provide working performance analysis of any specific device throughout its post purchase lifecycle.


  1. Improve output of field workforce force with well-organized post purchase lifecycle management solutions of devices.
  2. Time and Cost-Saving benefits for mobile workforce
  3. Helpful to reduce communication delays among disperse workforce
  4. Deliver significant improvements in the overall operational efficiency of field workforce force.
  5. The post purchase lifecycle management of devices have become handy solution to improve productivity and connectivity of mobile workforce in the field service industry.








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