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8 min read

How to develop Enterprise Mobile Device repair strategy in 2019?

November 9, 2018

Mobile devices have become essential computing and communication medium for individuals and businesses. It has become an essential tool of modern workplace usage. Therefore, it is fundamental need of companies to get their mobile device fixed when broken or damaged. It is easy to fix individual devices contrary to the corporate devices. There are multiple smart device repair options for domestic users, however, the corporate mobile devices require more structured approach and effective strategy to manage frequent device repairs. Managed Mobility Solutions help to resolve corporate device repair challenges. According to HP executive, Jonathan Nikols, there is a huge demand for mobile devices among corporate clients. It is estimated that every employee will accompany four devices by 2020. The big question is, how enterprises will secure these mobile devices?

Todays’ enterprises rely on Managed Mobility Services to fulfill their mobile device repair needs. However, most of the managed mobility service providers lack in one aspect or the other in order to satisfy enterprise mobility needs. Therefore, it is recommended to choose Enterprise Mobility Management vendors that are capable of managing mobile devices while delivering excellent software and hardware solutions. Managing mobile device repairs is an important part of enterprise mobility management challenges. BYOD practices are evolving, therefore it has become important for corporations to formulate effective device repair strategy in 2019, such strategy should not only be limited to core repair tasks but covers complete device lifecycle management including device recovery, renewal and disposition. The corporations need to look at their day to day device challenges prior to formulate a repair strategy. The enterprises need to understand following key steps while formulating corporate device repair strategy in 2019.

  1. Enterprises need to know clearly, how many devices have been deployed? How many have been issued by the company? What is a total number of BYODs (Bring your own devices) and CYODs (choose your own devices)?
  2. Segmenting devices usage based on user profiles, how many devices are for the mobile workforce usage? And how many devices have been allocated for in-house team and other employees? Know the percentage of employee who have device repair coverage from the company.
  3. Standardize rules around mobile device repairs. Clearly communicate device repair policy with your employees, align their expectations with the company policy.
  4. Determine the capabilities of corporate device repair vendors before developing a device repair strategy. What is their turnaround time/? Do they offer loaner pool features? How their pricing work?

Corporate mobile device repair strategy requires through understanding of mobile device landscape. There are certain elements of mobile device repairs that are only known to device repair vendors, so it is highly recommended to discuss your corporate device repair needs with the trusted vendor before formulating a mobile device repair strategy in 2019.

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