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The recent years have experienced huge shift in the ways of communication and collaboration. The current era has brought massive change in the workplace around mobility. The mobile device including tablets and smartphones are now an integral part of employees’ productivity. But where do employees seek assistance when their mobile device is broken or damaged?  There are severe productivity damages and work performance delays as a result of device malfunctioning. Expectations about mobile device management are rapidly growing among employees. Enterprise IT managers realize immense need of robust support for mobile device lifecycle management. These are the following common mobile device repair issues at workplace for both corporate owned and personal devices.

Device with Cracked Screen

Cracked or damaged screen is one of the most common repair issue in wireless devices. Mobile devices have large screens than ever before, drops are now more dangerous and more likely to damage the screen. Repairing cracked or damaged screen requires technical assistance. An effective device repair program could help enterprise to overcome productivity losses because of broken or cracked screen of mobile devices of their employees.

Device with Broken Buttons

In fact, home and power buttons are used regularly and sometimes stop working as required so these buttons require immediate replacement in order to ensure proper functioning of mobile devices. A reliable enterprise repair partner could take care of employees’ mobile devices without making unnecessary delays and damages to the work.

Touch Screen Unresponsive

Touch screen unresponsiveness is another common challenge of mobile devices.  If your employees’ mobile devices have touch screen unresponsiveness issue it will cause huge delays in maintaining effective communication across teams. Integrated loaner pool management can be quick solution to avoid these mobile device challenges.

Display Issues

Sometime device display disappears suddenly. The broken or damaged LCD could be the reason of it, however, enterprise can’t afford work delays because of such damages to their employees’ mobile devices. 24/7 support from a trusted repair partner is an answer to handle such issues at workplace.

Slow Performance of the devices.

Slow performance of mobile devices occurs due to the storage on the device. It is also another common challenge of mobile devices. The continuous health check of enterprise mobile devices can be immensely helpful to enhance the performance of devices.

Charging related issues

There are a few reasons if device is not charging. It is because device is broken or charging port is not working fine. The defective cable can be another possible cause of it. Replacing charging port is quite helpful to give a new life to the mobile devices. Common people can get it done from the corner shop but enterprises can’t rely on corner shops where there are thousands of mobile devices having such issues on daily basis. An effective enterprise mobile device repair solution is highly recommended for the corporates to keep their employee all time productive and connected.

Phone Crashes

This is actually a common issue in a lot of smartphones. There is nothing more frustrating than looking at a completely blank phone when you want to reply back an important work related email. Factory resets sometime help to solve the problem. But do it yourself is not sustainable method for enterprises where the IT managers are continuously facing such challenges.


Fortunately, corporate device repairs have been made simple and easy like never before. Unduit Wireless has made an enterprise device management platform. It provides sustainable and reliable solutions for the corporate mobile device repairs. IT managers can now focus on more productive tasks instead of all time concerned about resolving mobile device repair issues at workplace.  

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