Top 5 cost-effective Enterprise Mobility Management solutions for small businesses

Enterprise Mobility Management

Top 5 cost-effective Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions for small businesses

Over the past 10 years, consumers and business entities alike have slowly migrated from static desktop setups to dynamic mobile devices that go with us just about everywhere. In nearly all respects, we now live in a wireless world. Limited compatibility point-of-sale software and unintuitive business-to-business interfaces have become relics of the commercial world.  Mobile IT is now the cornerstone of any small organization that hopes to succeed in 2018 and with it comes the need for the enterprise mobility industry. It’s now become commonplace to see entire organizations with foundations that rest solely on integrated mobile devices for every member of their staff. However, this mobile revolution comes with its own unique challenges. With so many different apps and devices centered around business logistics, it can quickly become a tangled mess to manage and ensure that mobile systems securely operate the way they are intended. Luckily enterprise mobility experts can ensure your operations remain smooth and uninterrupted. Here’s a few helpful tips related to common EMM (enterprise mobility management) issues that won’t break the bank:

  1.       Down time can cost you thousands. Ensure that you have an EMM specialist on standby in case of issues. Your mobile device-based business can be thrown into serious disarray if you don’t have a safety net in place. Something as small as a broken device can end up costing you a hefty sum and that’s not counting the lost potential revenue if customers can’t complete their orders. Make sure that you have a specialist readily available to ensure your business runs the way it should.
  2.       Data recovery is key. One crash can upend days or weeks of commerce. Records can be lost, sales can be left unrecorded and your company can seriously suffer in the short term. An EMM company that provides comprehensive data recovery can bypass all the headache and stress of lost information.
  3.       Analytics, analytics, analytics. A detailed record of assets, costs, savings and liabilities gives small business owners insight into exactly where there money is going. Integrated mobile device metrics are essential in order to determine the overall health of a company. Make sure that your EMM specialist can provide you with quantifiable information in order to help you realize greater savings in the future.
  4.      Warranties can save you money, time and headaches. Many of us focus plenty of our attention and energy on the initial product or service. However, we often don’t realize how important after-sale service and guarantees are. Steer clear of EMM companies that don’t offer extensive or lifetime warranties on mobile devices. Never assume that the equipment you use to run your business will last. Have a contingency plan in place to avoid sudden downtime.
  5.      Don’t underestimate just how important EMM customer service is. Enterprise mobility is a highly specialized and technical field. Applications and devices aren’t always easy to use or understand. Make sure that you have access to an expert with up to date information, skills and expertise that can provide you with the mobility solutions you need with just the push of a button.


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