Estimate Savings from our Device Lifecycle Management program

Turn key solution to add significant savings to your company’s bottom line. Drive higher employee productivity and device compliance for increased security and dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership across your mobility portfolio

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How much money is your organization missing out on, or worse, wasting, on the lifecycle management of your enterprise mobile devices? Share some information with us and we will, based on our experience and knowledge, lay it out for you with an actionable business case. There are just a few data points to share:

  • Estimated total device counts for smartphones and tablets
  • Adjust estimated personnel costs for your organization
  • Adjust annual damaged device percentage (7% is at the low end - health care and field services experience as high as 20% breakage annually)
  • Turn the optional loaner device program off or on (recommend leaving it on if only for disclosure in our report to you)
  • Tell us how you currently deal with end-of-life devices
  • And finally, select the frequency of device refresh (commercial average is 3 years)

Based on your input we will provide you with a PDF report detailing all of the calculations and assumptions used to arrive at a potential savings value.


With thousands of companies providing mobile device repairs and thousands more providing asset buy-back services, how is Unduit Wireless different? How can we so drastically shift your total cost of ownership? The answer is technology unlike anything else in the industry.

Our proprietary app based Platform is built for enterprise, affording companies the unique opportunity to manage device lifecycle repairs and disposition on a regional, national, and even global scale. Tasks that are normally quite taxing across multiple personnel are completed in seconds or minutes, not hours. Forward and reverse logistics are 100% automated. Transparency and tracking are so simplified that answers to the state or history of any order or device can be located in seconds.

We provide mobile asset repair and disposition (buy-back and recycle) under one roof. Unlike most asset disposition companies, Unduit Wireless automatically repairs broken devices where we can return market value for resale, boosting end-of-life values by an average 35% to our clients. And that process, our evaluation of devices, is also 100% transparent and entirely in your control.

And this barely scratches the surface.


Complete the information to the left, request your comprehensive report, and prepare to be surprised by the results. When you are prepared to dive deeper, reach out to us (contact information is provided in the report) and we will provide a demo of our Platform and the unified services we offer, and conduct an even deeper analysis with you based on your unique requirements.

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