Your Team breaks it, Unduit team repairs it

Your Consumer Grade devices break from time to time, that is just the way of business. Unduit can put them back into service quickly, efficiently, cost effectively, preserving their current and end of life value while saving your technical staff from the rigors of such efforts

Why unduit repair program
Extend life of assets
Extend life of
The cost of mobile devices is skyrocketing. Stretch the dollar by extending the life of devices and avoid unwanted increases in your capital budget
Solution for ETF (Early Termination Fees)
Solution for ETF
(Early Termination Fees)
Avoid early termination fees by getting more out of the same assets. Harmonize contract end dates and get more control over wireless lines renewal and carrier negotiations
Automated forward and reverse logistics
Automated forward and reverse logistics
Unduit fully automates all forward and reverse logistics through the platform thus saving your team time to manage logistics and tracking
Right partner to handle all repairs
Right partner to handle all repairs
With over 1,500 service offerings across 100+ devices - Unduit is the right partner for all your device repairs
National repair strategy
National repair
Unduit is the only company to truly enable a national device lifecycle strategy including use cases to support virtual employee workforce
Repair analytics
You can’t control what you can’t measure - use Unduit’s free Insights Center app to get in-depth reporting to enable cost control measures

Business Impact from Unduit Repair Program

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Save time on non value add activities through turn-key and white glove automation of repair fulfillment scenarios

Reduce TCO

Reduce TCO

Stretch the dollar and extend life of assets through Unduit efficient and timely repairs to slash TCO across your mobile portfolio

Increase Security

Increase Security

Enhance security by having end to end documented chain of custody to protect devices and sensitive corporate data

Self Fund Repairs

Self Fund Repairs

Self fund repair program by using Unduit Wallet functionality and convert unused devices into value

Reduce Downtime


Slash downtime across workforce and drastically improve device availability to drive productivity

Core functionality at your finger tips via Unduit iOS app
Corporate Program
1 Repair Devices

Place a repair order in 2 mins or less

2 Buy-Back Devices

Place a buy-back order in 2 mins or less

3 Manage Orders

Manage all orders related to mobility needs in one place

4 App Store

Constantly growing app eco-system with app launches every month

5 Insights Center

Access reporting to gain insights into mobility portfolio usage

6 Wallet

Fund wallet through buy-back & use funds for repairs & marketplace purchases

7 Marketplace

Procure devices and accessories

8 Audit Manager

Access reports on chain of custody in one place

Repair Process Explained!
Unduit Repair app and e-commerce style ordering experience allows order placement in two mins or less
fatest industry on-boarding for enterprise mobility fatest industry on-boarding for enterprise mobility
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