Maximize BuyBack Value from Consumer Devices & Expedite Your Next Refresh

Unduit’s unique position as a one-stop-shop for both device repairs and buyback enables us to maximize buyback value unlike any other company. Unduit shares value from repair with customers for broken devices which our competitors write off as $0 assets

Why unduit buyback Program?
Convert Old Devices Into Value
Convert Old Devices Into Value
Convert devices sitting in drawers and on shelves into instant value for your organization
Maximize Value on Devices
Maximize Value on
Unduit maximizes buy-back payout for devices by sharing value from repairs with end customers
White Glove Device Recovery
White Glove Device
Unduit offers white glove recovery of used devices; packaging and shipping is all covered with a click of a button
Unduit Buy-Back App
Unduit Buy-Back App
Buy-Back app offers e-commerce style order experience to key in buy-back orders in less than 2 minutes
Detailed Device Assessment
Detailed Device Assessment
Unduit sets a new standard for buy-back device assessment while offering the enterprise full transparency and control of the process
Unduit Wallet
Unduit Wallet
Use the free Unduit Wallet app to fund repairs and procure phones and accessories

Business Impact from Unduit Buy-back Program

Instant Value


Generate instant value with old or broken devices to fund repairs or to procure mobile devices or accessories

Self Fund Repairs

Self Fund Repairs

Self fund repair program from devices going through end-of-life

Device Audit Trail

Device Audit Trail

Document the end of life on devices through data destruction certificates for audit trails



Drive PCI, HIPAA or GDPR compliance through documented control of custody of devices

Go Green


Enable green initiatives in your enterprise and earn environmental credits

Core functionality at your finger tips via Unduit iOS app
Corporate Program
1 Repair Devices

Place a repair order in 2 mins or less

2 Buy-Back Devices

Place a buy-back order in 2 mins or less

3 Manage Orders

Manage all orders related to mobility needs in one place

4 App Store

Constantly growing app eco-system with app launches every month

5 Insights Center

Access reporting to gain insights into mobility portfolio usage

6 Wallet

Fund wallet through buy-back & use funds for repairs & marketplace purchases

7 Marketplace

Procure devices and accessories

8 Audit Manager

Access reports on chain of custody in one place

Buy-back process explained!
Unduit Buy-back app and e-commerce style ordering experience allows order placement in two mins or less
fatest industry on-boarding for enterprise mobility fatest industry on-boarding for enterprise mobility
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