Enterprise Mobility Management re-imagined!

The only mobility management platform in the world that connects enterprises with sellers to seamlessly drive commerce for all device mobility needs under one roof; an enterprise grade software to drive productivity and security compliance while slashing TCO

Corporate Device Management
Our growing app eco system
Device Lifecycle Management
One size fits all solutioning is a thing of the past-
No provider can be the best at everything period!
Unduit platform enables enterprises to create a solution that fits their needs by
picking best of breed app partners to create a device mobility solution
Core functionality at your finger tips via Unduit iOS app
Value for Enterprise Customers
Solution for your needs
Pick apps from best of breed providers to create a solution for your mobility challenges instead of buying a suite of services from one vendor that drives low utilization and adoption across all services
All under one roof
Having all mobility needs serviced under one roof allows your organization to break the silos across partners and provides end to end visibly and control across mobility portfolio
Frictionless data flow
across apps
Underlining mobility data is shared across providers which drastically reduces the effort for master data management and drives collaboration across your mobility partners
Results in weeks
not months
Natively exposed objects such as Wallet, Invoices, Orders, Concierge, Workflow Approval, Team Manager etc allows technology deployment at a rapid pace which enables ROI within weeks
No code, low code
The platform's app based design enables a low code or no code solution deployment which minimizes IT and Development resources from your organization to allow improved ROI on project
Seamless user experience
Intuitive and contextual design across platform drives higher adoption leading to high user satisfaction and productivity
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